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Facility Information

Location 9-1 Hajikamisemukai, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture 998-0246 Japan
TEL 0226-28-9671 FAX 0226-28-9675
Email info@kesennuma-memorial.jp
Nearest station Rikuzen-Hashikami Station on the JR Kesennuma Line


Apr.–Sep.9:30 am to 5 pm (last entry at 4 pm)

Oct.–Mar.9:30 am to 4 pm (last entry at 3 pm)

Admission fees(tax included)

Category Individuals Groups
(of 30 or more
members; prior
Adults 600 yen 500 yen 1,800 yen
Senior high
400 yen 300 yen 1,200 yen
Junior high and
300 yen 200 yen 900 yen
  • Admission is free for preschoolers or younger children.
  • Persons with a physical disability certificate and their companions are exempt from 50% of the admission fee.
【Use of annual passport】
  • Please show this ticket to the reception when entering the building.
    If you do not show it, you cannot enter.
  • The expiration date is valid for one year only from the date of purchase.
  • You can enter the building as many times as you like until the expiration date on the front page.
  • We will not refund or reissue during the period.
    Please be careful not to lose it.
  • Discounts such as handbooks for the physically disabled are not applicable.


  • Mondays (If a Monday falls on a national holiday, the facility will be open that day and be closed the next day.)
  • Days after national holidays (except for Saturdays and Sundays and the holiday period between the end of April and early May)
  • Year-end and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 4)

Special days

Days when the facility is open regardless of the day of the week or holiday status

  • 11th of every month
  • September 1 (Disaster Prevention Day)
  • November 5 (World Tsunami Awareness Day)

Experience programs(tax included)

(time required)
Storyteller-guided tour
(about 90 minutes)
Disaster readiness seminar
(about 60 to 90 minutes)
Review workshop
(about 60 minutes)
School education activities 3,000 yen
(1 to 20 people)
8,000 yen 6,000 yen
Adult groups 6,000 yen
(1 to 20 people)
10,000 yen 10,000 yen
  • The tour time does not include restroom breaks and bus boarding / alighting times.
  • If the number of visitors exceeds 100, it will take 100 minutes or more.
  • The fees for experience programs do not include admission fees.
  • The programs can accommodate up to 200 participants. For more details, click here.

(Optional and requiring prior application)

We offer two types of experience programs:
●Storyteller-guided tours where storytellers guide visitors around the Ruins and Museum and tell their stories about the disaster and lessons from it, and
●Disaster readiness seminars and a review workshop, which teach how to prepare against and respond to disasters
to groups of educational field trips, inspection or training.
(The word “school” in “school education activities” below denotes senior high or lower schools.)
Please consult us if you need to adjust your time and itinerary.
You can download our leaflet here.

Outdoor Plaza

Facilities Outdoor Plaza (combination playground equipment; a drinking fountain; greenery; benches); dog run
Hours From sunrise to sunset (open 365 days a year)
Outdoor Plaza: Rules for users
  • Avoid inconveniencing other users.
  • Use playground equipment and park facilities with care.
  • Report immediately if you get injured or damage playground equipment.
  • Preschoolers or younger children should be accompanied by their parents or guardians when they play at the Plaza.
  • Take trash home with you.
  • Take your dog’s waste home with you.
  • Do not unleash your dog.
  • Do not ride a bicycle or motorcycle into the Plaza.
  • Do not barbecue or make a bonfire at the Plaza.
  • Treat herbs, flowers, trees and creatures carefully.
  • Do not set up a camp or stay overnight at the Plaza.
  • Do not commit dangerous acts or cause nuisances.
  • Do not play catch or play with a ball in other forms at the Plaza.
  • No smoking is allowed at the overall site of this facility. Do not smoke here.
Dog run: Rules for users

Observe the following rules so that all users can enjoy themselves with their dogs safely.

【Entry restriction】

No dogs that fall under any of the following conditions are admitted to the dog run.

  • Dogs that tend to get furious
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Dogs suffering from infectious diseases
  • Dogs that have not had a rabies vaccination and a combined vaccination
  • Dogs that cannot follow their owners’ directions (insufficiently trained dogs)

Small children must be accompanied by their parents or guardians while using this facility.

【Notes for users】
  • Enter and leave the dog run with your dog and always monitor its behavior.
  • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Take your dog’s waste home with you.
  • In the event of accidents or troubles at the dog run, dog owners will be held responsible for them. Any accidents or troubles must be settled between the parties involved.

Facility Plan

※Pinch the facility plan to enlarge.

  • ③Exhibition Room A

  • ⑪Destroyed school building

  • ⑫Piles of cars

  • ⑭Exhibition Room B

  • ⑮Lecture Room

Flow of a tour

1.Memorial Museum

  1. ①Buy a ticket at the reception counter.
Video and Exhibition Zone
  1. Video Theater (with a 300-inch large screen)
    ※Video screening starts on the hour, and 20 and 40 minutes past the hour.
    ◇Videos taken amid and immediately after the disaster (a 13-minute documentary)
  2. Exhibition Room A
    ◇Threat and Damage from the Earthquake and Tsunami: I
  3. ④Go along the connecting passage and enter the Disaster Ruins area.

2.Disaster Ruins (former Kesennuma Koyo High School building)

Former South School Building
  1. ⑤1st floor – Destroyed school building
  2. ⑥Go up to the 3rd floor by stairs or elevator.
  3. ⑦3rd floor – Cars swept up to the school by tsunami
  4. ⑧4th floor – Tsunami’s highest mark
  5. ⑨Roof – Evacuation spot
  6. ⑩Return to the 1st floor by stairs or elevator.
  1. ⑪Western side of the former South School Building – Destroyed wall
  2. ⑫In front of the former General Practice Building – Piles of cars
Former North School Building
  1. ⑬Go along the passage to the Memorial Museum.

3.Memorial Museum

Video and Exhibition Zone
  1. Exhibition Room B
    ◇Threat and Damage from the Earthquake and Tsunami: II
    ◇Rescue and Search for Missing People
    ◇Scenes from People’s Lives at Evacuation Centers
    ◇Life in Temporary Housing
  2. Lecture Room
    ◇Messages from Disaster Survivors—The Value of Life (15-minute video)
  3. Display Section
    ◇Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Journey to Recovery
Rental Spaces
  1. ⑰Training Rooms
  2. ⑱Workshop and Communication Halls

※The outdoor space and the roof may be closed in bad weather.


Q1.Is photography allowed at the facility?

Photography is allowed only at the Disaster Ruins (in the former school buildings).

Q2.Is a restroom available at the Disaster Ruins?

Please note that only one restroom is available at the Memorial Museum.

Q3.Are explanations written only in Japanese?

Explanations in English, Chinese, Korean and Indonesian are available on your mobile device.

Q4.How long does it take to make a tour around the facility?

It takes about 60 to 90 minutes. If you do not have enough time, you may go to the Disaster Ruins without visiting the Video Theater.

Q5.Are food and beverages allowed at the facility? How about smoking?

Food and beverages are allowed at the entrance or rental spaces. No smoking is allowed throughout the facility site.

Program/Facility Availability

  • The below calendar shows the availability of fee-based programs and rental facilities.
  • Select a program or rental facility from the drop-down list on the right side and you can check the availability of the program or rental facility you have selected.
  • The legend for the calendar is below the calendar.

Group visit on application

Schedule for September 2021

  • Select a program or facility.

































Selectable programs and rental facilities

  • Group visit on application
  • Storyteller-guided tour
  • Disaster readiness seminar
  • Training Room A
  • Training Room B
  • Workshop and Communication Halls


:9:30 am to 12 noon :12 noon to 5 pm
※Up to 4 pm in winter
:Available :Unavailable :Some vacancies