Experience programs

Storyteller-guided TourPrior application requiredAbout 90 minutes

On application, we offer storyteller-guided tours around the Ruins to visitors in collaboration with the Kesennuma Disaster Storyteller Network, in addition to showing part of the disaster-damaged school building, and videos and photos taken amid and after the disaster. These tours are aimed at ensuring that visitors’ experience at the Ruins and Museum will be deeply engraved in their minds and help increase their disaster management awareness.

The tour guides not only guide visitors around the Disaster Ruins and tell their stories about the disaster but also explain about all aspects of Kesennuma City, the view from the roof of the Ruins, and other matters.

Disaster Readiness SeminarPrior application requiredAbout 60–90 minutes

Becoming fully prepared against possible disasters requires adopting effective measures based on lessons from experience with past disasters. Disaster readiness seminars are given by experts in various fields to share their knowledge and introduce good practices of disaster readiness initiatives. Applicants for seminars can select courses suitable for their regions or organization types.
※Applicants do not have to prepare textbooks, equipment or other things needed for seminars. Venue preparation can also be left to us.

Disaster readiness & disaster risk reduction lectures

Theme Lecturer
Save Your Own Life from Disasters That Will Surely Happen ~Each One’s Preparation and Action~ Hiroshi Usui
Chair, Kesennuma City Liaison Council of Voluntary Disaster Readiness Organizations
Lecture by a Post-disaster Kesennuma Reconstruction Storyteller Mikio Ogata
Post-disaster Storyteller, Kesennuma Tourism & Convention Bureau
Response to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Challenges (in Japanese and English) Kenichi Sato
Former Kesennuma City Crisis Management Officer


Theme Content
Review workshop In this workshop, participants review what they have seen and heard at the Disaster Ruins and the Museum and upgrade their learning results to incorporate experience and lessons from Kesennuma into their own lives.

Kesennuma Disaster Storyteller Network

This is a network of about 20 storytellers with diverse occupations, knowledge and experience who hand down lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake based on their own memories of the disaster on March 11, 2011.

Member storytellers

  • Kimito Kondo
  • Tadae Kikuta
  • Ichiro Haga
  • Hiroshi Kikuta
  • Akio Miura
  • Toshikatsu Kikuta
  • Masaomi Kiyohara
  • Seiichiro Onodera
  • Wakae Kawamura
  • Shukuko Miura
  • Kazuo Takarada
  • Shigeyoshi Hashimoto
  • Mikio Ogata
  • Masakazu Miura
  • Masae Yoshida
  • Keiko Onodera
  • Ritsuko Kikuta
  • Tatsuki Kumagai
  • Satoru Imakawa